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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
“The Valentine’s Day Experiment”
- By Cathy Shannon

(The following work of fiction features TG themes and sexual content. This piece may be reposted in other free forums. Thank you for reading.)

Natalie and I snuggled in bed. The television was on, but we had long since stopped paying it much mind. Our hands roamed over each other, and light kisses kept our foreplay even more playful than normal.

"Tomorrow is Valentine's Day," she said, in a tone that suggested she was plotting more than reminding.

I chuckled and nibbled on her ear.

"I know we have dinner reservations, but I was hoping you would be open to something a little more romantic. Something a little kinkier this year," she said. This got my attention. My heart racing, I softly moaned my agreement.

"I have mentioned a few times that I am a little more 'curious' than I have ever been able to act upon," She stopped suddenly. I held my breath for a moment.


"Now don't get your hopes up just yet, I wasn't talking about having a threesome, and I wasn't thinking about letting you watch me with another girl tomorrow night," Natalie's words were cautious and slightly disheartening.

"Then what are you talking about?" I whispered. “Dressing me up? Having me wear your panties and a gaff for the night?”

Now it was her turn to freeze for a moment as she tried to find a way of broaching the subject with me. I started kissing her neck once more, and she cooed. Any practiced words on the subject evaporated, and she just blurted it out.

"Mike, I want you to try being my girlfriend for a little while. Maybe a week, and then you can go back to normal."

None of this made any sense to me. I liked dressing once in a while, but this was not a "full time" sort of hobby for me. As I tried to offer objections she pulled my face down to her breasts, and snuggled me close.

"No, sweety, I don't want you to dress, I want you to take a DNA re-sequencer and shift your body just enough for you to be a woman so we can have a week of explore my, and I suspect your, lesbian fantasies," her voice was firm and calculated. "I want the rest of you to be pretty much just like you are, so it can be our little secret. But, I think this would be very sexy, and good for us."

I didn't know what to say. Ever since DNA re-sequencers had made it onto the commercial market, people had been trying more and bold fetishes. It was a sign of prestige if you could remold your body into some sort of Olympian ideal, or reshape your figure. The techniques were getting better almost daily, with mass neutral changes being possible within a matter of hours and more ambitious changes taking days and weeks.

Sex changes, like Natalie was suggesting, were news to me. She seemed very sure that they were possible, but how could we afford this? Surely, we had better uses for the few thousand dollars this would cost, even if I was inclined to agree to try it.

She explained that her best friend, Rachael, who ran a gene-therapy clinic, had recently purchased new equipment so she could move into the elective/recreational re-sequencing market. She offered Natalie access at cost, which was only a couple hundred dollars each way.

As I struggled for an answer to her request and offer, her right hand reached down to my rigid cock. She grasped it firmly. She could tell that she had captured my imagination.

"But, a whole week without that?" I asked breathlessly. "Won't we miss him?"

"In a way, yes, but think of what we will be gaining," She whispered. "We will be able to enjoy a sex life that is truly mutual, both of us feeling the same kind of pleasure. And maybe, if it works out, we could think about actually having that threesome. But, first, I want to see if I can really get into sex with a woman in a way that makes me feel safe.”

“So, if I try it, maybe we will try …”

“Maybe, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here,” her voice husky, but a little guarded. “Might be good to test if you can think with something besides this little guy.”

"Hey, is that some kind of crack?"

"No, no, no, baby. That's not it at all. I just want to try something wild and different for both of us. I am challenging my normal heterosexual self-image here. I am inviting you to share this vulnerability with me so that we can be closer than we have ever been before. I am also inviting you to explore something that I know you have dreamed of too."

I hesitated, and she began to slide down my body.

"Whose pussy would I have?"

"I thought a lot about that. You are going to get one that is a lot like mine, sweety. I hope you like it."

"I couldn't ask for a nicer flower."

"Good answer."

That night Natalie and I made love more passionately than we had in months. We fell asleep in each other's arms. I dreamed about my appointment at the lab that cast it like Frankenstein's dungeon.

In the morning, I was awakened by Natalie’s hands on my cock. I shifted slightly and she slid down my body until she could kiss its head.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Good morning, I replied.

“I was talking to him. Good morning,” she repeated, kissing my cock once more. “Today is a big day, and you are going to have to go away for a little while. Don’t worry, I still love you, and will love you again in a little while.”

I settled back and chuckled at her little monologue, and squirmed at her kissing.

“We are going to give you a little vacation, and who knows? Maybe when you come back we can see about getting you into not just my pussy, but maybe another one too. Does that seem like a good deal?” she asked.

I tried to answer and she hushed me. My cock throbbed and bobbed a little in her hand.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she said and sucked the head into her mouth. “Are you a little nervous about this?”

Her hand twisted and squeezed my cock playfully.

“No? Oh, you are brave,” she whispered. “Let’s give you a hero’s send-off.”

And with that, Natalie gave me an epic blowjob before work.

I had planned ahead to take half the day off already, so my appointment fit nicely into my work day. It was a Friday, and I had a long weekend ahead of me.

All morning, my impending sexual adventure conspired to make my unproductive. Working in graphic design often entails long periods of staring into space as ideas dance in your head awaiting the clarity necessary to make them real. Of course, the difference this day was that my blank stares were often discrete glances at the women in the office.

I could not help but wonder how I was going to feel in just a few hours. I wondered how my new sex was going to compare to theirs. Would I be able to keep it a secret from everyone? How would they react if they knew? Should I tell any of my friends?

I had no answers.

When the time came, I punched out for the weekend. I cryptically asked everyone to wish me luck, and drove to the clinic.

Natalie was already in the waiting room when I got there. The waiting room felt more like an upscale spa than a medical office. I suppose it was somewhere in between those extremes these days. We sat together on a couch and filled out a questionnaire on my medical history and reason for the visit.

It was Rachel, Doctor Anderson herself, who called us into the consultation. Natalie and I followed her into the examining room.

“Natalie has been talking about this a lot, Mike,” Rachel began. “But before we can do anything, I need to make sure you understand exactly what we are planning here.”

“Yeah. Natalie suggested that I try getting my DNA re-sequenced so that I could enjoy about a week with,” I found the word choice here difficult. I had known Rachel as long as I had known Natalie, and she was a doctor. But, I would have to look her in the eye for years afterword. I could not help but overthink things here. “With a vagina, but with the rest of my body unaltered.”

“I see. And how do you feel about that?”

“Intimidated, but also excited,” I answered. “It is like being on a bridge waiting to bungee jump. I was not sure how to feel about this at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this could be an amazing experience. Since it can be undone so easily, I have been able to let my curiosity and excitement overcome my nervousness. It can be undone easily and completely afterword, can’t it? I mean, it isn’t risky at all, is it?”

“Yes, it can be quite easily undone. The technology has a 0.00013% failure rate. Of course, it is important to know that if you dislike the effects, we have to wait at least 72 hours before it is safe to reverse anything.”

“I like those odds,” I smiled.

“Excellent. Now, Natalie has already gotten everything prepared for you. She submitted her own genetic sample, and snuck one of yours, so we will be able to get to work on you in just a minute,” Rachel said.

With that, we walked down the hall to the gene-therapy room.

The room was tiled, like a locker room shower. There was a large tub in the middle of the room and bench against the far wall. A small device, about the size of a mini-fridge on wheels, sat beside the tub, connected to it by a thick bundle of tubes and wires.

I undressed, and climbed into the tub. The procedure was simple. I would lie back in the tub, putting on a breathing mask, and then they would fill the basin with geno-fluid. By the time the fluid reached my ankles, I would be asleep, thus avoiding the discomfort of the transition process.

I would wake up in the recovery room in three to four hours with my altered anatomy.

No sooner had the fluid touched my foot, than I fell into a very deep sleep akin to the shutting off of a light switch. The next thing I knew, I was looking up at the white ceiling of the recovery room.

“Hey there, sleepy head,” Natalie said softly, taking my hand.

I took a moment to gather my wits. I tried to do a mental check of my body before I moved, trying to figure out if it all worked. It was not immediately obvious, so I moved a hand under my sheet to my groin.

Natalie beamed at me as I jolted upward finding the alien, yet not unfamiliar new parts between my legs.

“You came out beautifully,” she said.

I could not find any words. My hand rested on a silky smooth female sex, and it was mine. I threw the sheet aside and pulled my hospital gown aside and looked down at what I had become.

“It’s real. It worked. I’m a…” I stammered. “Am I a woman?”

“Technically you have a female reproductive system now, but your body is still mostly genetically XY, so, I wouldn’t worry too much about labels. It doesn’t seem like any quite fit other than sexy.”

With that, she stepped over to my side and rested a hand on my thigh. In the rush of new sensations, I suddenly became aware of the fact that my legs were as hairless as was my new slit. She smiled and rubbed gently up toward my sex, which brought a gasp to my lips. My heart raced as I felt the first twinges of arousal creep over my body.

“I knew you wouldn’t mind, so I had Rachel tinker ever so slightly to help with our little game,” she said.

As I started to ask what other little surprises I had in store, Rachel came into the recovery room.

“And how is our patient?” She asked with palpable glee.

“Overwhelmed, but so far so good,” I replied. My voice cracked as Natalie’s hand made me squirm.

“Excellent. I examined you after we took you out of the tank, and ran an ultrasound. Everything came out beautifully,” She explained. “Now don’t hesitate to call if there are any complications, or if you aren’t happy. In any event, I expect to be invited to dinner before you change back.”

With much thanks from myself and Natalie, Rachel left us so I could dress myself. Natalie had brought along a pair of her purple silk panties for me to wear. Though I had worn them a couple of times for Natalie, they had never fit quite like this before. It was then that I noticed another alteration.

“Is it my imagination, or did you make my ass bigger?” I asked, almost too embarrassed to mention it.

“Just a teeny bit, lovey,” She replied, blushing furiously. “It is not really enough that it will be obvious to anyone but us.”

I was starting to feel a strange mixture of anxiety and excitement about this entire adventure. The loss of control of my very being was not quite what I had agreed to, but it was not like I really objected to what she had chosen. I put on my pants, noting that they still fit well enough. They were curiously empty in the front, and a little tight in the hips and behind. It was not dramatic, but I could definitely feel it.

My shoes and socks went on next without incident, but then I took off the hospital gown and discovered that my nipples were decidedly feminine now. They were brown and fat, just like Natalie’s. They sat atop ever so subtle mounds of flesh.

Natalie insisted that I would thank her for them. I rubbed them gently with my hand, and suspected she was right.

I finished getting dressed and looked at myself in the full length mirror on the back of the door to the room. Fully dressed, I looked the same as I had been this morning, save for the high-beams I now sported. Natalie stood beside me and put her arm around my waist, which seemed as if it was tapered just a touch.

She reached out her free hand and cupped my modest chest.

“I know you made reservations for us, but I am really just hungry for you.”

“Let’s go home.”

We put on our coats and headed out of the clinic. The waiting room was empty, as it was now 6 in the evening. Natalie insisted on getting every door for me on the way out. The attention was amusing, but I wondered if the novelty would wear off.

Half an hour later we reached home. Once inside, Natalie nearly tackled me with her kiss. It was like a storm of lips and roving hands. I couldn’t remember the last time she had had this much passion for a kiss.

As we kissed, I felt my own passion grow to match hers. My nipples nearly ached with arousal. Each glancing touch and clumsy grope made my breath catch with the novelty of the erotic sensations.

We moaned into each other’s mouths in kissing, and the lack of an erection suddenly climbed to the forefront of my thoughts.

Instead of the throbbing pleasure of my manhood, with its instinctual need to be squeezed, I felt intensely different. I felt almost sweaty between my legs. I found it nearly impossible to stand still, a powerful urge to squirm in place overwhelmed me. The more I squirmed, the more I could feel my engorged labia sliding against itself.

“Oh, my god, I’m getting wet,” I managed to say. “This is so weird.”

Natalie pulled back and smiled up at me. She had plans. She took me by the hand and led me up to the bedroom. I followed, the excitement making me a little light headed.

She climbed up on the bed and patted the spot next to her. I stood beside the bed, unbuttoning my pants, and letting them drop. I had to peel off my soaked panties before I climbed up next to her.

We sat beside each other for a moment, trembling with anticipation.

“I don’t quite know how to start,” I said finally.

“This is all new to me too.”

We chuckled and fell into each other’s arms, flopping over on the bed. Our laughter breaking the tension enough that we found our way to undressing each other. I tugged at her skirt while she unbuttoned my shirt.

“I am so glad I gave you my nipples,” Natalie said as she leaned down to suck on my engorged left nipple.

“Wow, careful,” I gasped.

“Relax and let yourself enjoy it.”

As her lips locked onto my nipple, I could feel her tongue dancing along it. Her skirt finally reached her knees as I felt my body quiver in the strange pleasure. She was able to kick it the rest of the way off and our legs intertwined.

With our groins pressed together, the fullness of my condition really hit me.

I ground my pussy against her thigh through my panties, and she did the same to me. We embraced tenderly, and had our first loving kiss of the evening. Our kiss ended and we finished undressing. Our naked bodies sliding under the sheets.

“Thank you for trusting me enough to do this,” Natalie whispered with a slight catch in her voice.

She guided me to lie on my back, and her hand slid down my slightly slimmed tummy to my new sex. I gripped the sheets tightly and my whole body tensed as I felt her probing fingers slide between my nether-lips.

“I love the way this makes you moan and squirm,” Natalie said.

“I am not entirely indifferent to it either,” I replied as best I could.

Then I felt her fingers slide deep into cleft of my new sex, her middle finger poking into me. My thighs clenched up tight.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Too much, hun. I can’t. Not yet,”

Her finger wiggling deep inside of me.

“Oh, sweety, trust me. You will love this if you …”

“No, not yet. Please.” I pleaded, while loosening my thighs.

She slowly pulled her finger back out of me and started to slowly circle my clit gently. She kissed my neck. Her breasts pressed against my side. I relaxed and let myself enjoy what was happening once more.

“Suck my nipples again,” I pleaded. “Please?”

Natalie happily and quickly complied, and the rising storm of passion within me quickly intensified. My entire body was electric in a way that made it impossible to think straight. I could feel the tension reaching what should have been orgasmic critical-mass, but the pleasure kept building.

“Oh, she likes it,” Natalie moaned at me.

Though I registered the simple shift of pronouns, all I could do was nod in agreement as the flood of pleasure broke like a wave over my body. I shivered and twitched. My brain completely short-circuited. My sex quivering and spasming out of control. I know I screamed in a very un-masculine way as I rolled over to face my lover.

Her hand slid out of my sex and under me. We embraced tightly, our hard nipples pressed into each other’s chests. We just stayed this way for what felt like hours. I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want to talk. I certainly didn’t want to tell her how much I liked it, so I just held onto her.

For Natalie’s part, she let me cling to her, savoring our first pseudo-lesbian experience together.

Nearly forty minutes later I broke the silence.

“I feel like I am laying in a swamp here. Maybe we should get up.”

We laughed together again and got up to don our bathrobes. While Natalie changed our soaked sheets, I went down to the kitchen and warmed up some left-over lasagna from the night before. We dined sitting across from each other so we could play footsy and slide toes up between the other’s legs.

Dinner conversation scrupulously avoided the obvious subject. I know that I wanted to gush praise on the novelty of the experience, but didn’t want to come off too enthusiastic. I didn’t want her to doubt that, as much as I liked what we just tried, I loved how we would make love before. Part of me didn’t want to compare the experiences for fear of how it might turn out.

We ate dinner, opened a bottle of wine, and retired to the living room to watch tv.
Dressed in only our robes, we sensuously cupped and caressed each other’s pussies.

“I liked it,” I finally said.

“So did I. I mean it was a bit weird to be touching a pussy like that, but it was you, and that made it incredibly hot,” she blurted.

“It was also a little scary. I loved having you touch it.”

“Touch what? Come on, say it,” She interrupted with a sly smile.

“I loved having you touch the, my pussy. But it scared the hell out of me when you stuck your finger into it,” I said. “Even when it felt good, it was too different than the pleasure I felt from my cock.”

“And it just made it feel like you were rejecting your own masculinity to accept that kind of pleasure?”

“I know that sounds crazy, and I know it shouldn’t matter to me because I am opening myself to femininity on purpose,” I replied.

“It’s ok. In fact it is more than ok, Mike,” She replied with a comforting squeeze of my altered sex. “This is exactly what I wanted to experience with you. Honestly, it is the same reason I am ok with using my fingers on your pussy, but I have been a little squeamish about going down on you.”

“Then let’s just take it easy for the rest of the night. I think we have both pushed our boundaries far enough for one day.”


And with that, we finished our glasses of wine and headed up to bed. We slept naked under our heavy blankets. Natalie spooned up behind me, her breasts pressed into my back, and her hand resting between my clenched thighs resting on my pussy.

I closed my eyes, let the sensations wash over me, and dreamed about what the coming day might bring.


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Cathy Shannon

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